The Fairytales

Three enchanting stories

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The Snow Queen

Kay and Gerda are best friends who love to spend their days playing together. However The Snow Queen, whose heart is made of ice, despises those with happiness and love in their lives. To take her wicked revenge she blows ice into the eyes and hearts of the innocent, turning them bitter and cold. One day, Kay’s behavior changes and soon afterwards he disappears. No one knows where he is, and so begins Gerda’s brave journey to win her friend back…

The Little Girl and The Whirlwind

The Wicked Winter Witch has used her evil magic to stop spring from coming, and made Winter the only season on Earth!
For years everything has been covered with deep snow and thick ice. The poor people of Earth cannot take much more of the brutal cold and don’t know what to do, until one day a brave little girl decides to make the treacherous climb up the dangerous windy mountains to ask the mighty Father Frost for help.

The Elves and the Shoemaker

Evil powers have taken over The Great Forest and its surrounding villages, causing great hardship to both the humans and creatures who live there.
The Shoemaker of Hambleplock, who once upon a time was a great success selling beautifully handcrafted shoes to the townsfolk, hasn’t sold anything for months now. With only one last piece of leather left to make a pair, times have become desperate. But then, some help arrives from the most unexpected of places…

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